Is Bitcoin a Good Investment? Should You Buy Bitcoin? – Advice on Buying Crypto From Billionaires

Bitcoin is an investment that is very controversial. A lot of people ask themselves if they should be buying bitcoin or if it is a good investment. In this video, I share …


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  2. How many stores you go to accept bitcoin as payment? I rest my case. Bitcoin is highly speculative. Go to your favorite restaurant or your regular barbershop. They won't take bitcoin.

  3. I like Mark Cuban's perspective. BTC investing is similar to investing in art, stamps or collectibles. They have no intrinsic value and they're all only worth whatever people agree to pay for them.

    Lloyd Blankenfein had one of the most measured outlooks — a little lukewarm, but it was fair.

    I'm starting to worry about Elon Musk. He was almost incoherent. I hope for his sake and the sake of his family he doesn't become like Howard Hughes. 😞

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