1. To every crypto enthusiast, traders, and investors alike, remember not to panic. The world has not seen an asset like bitcoin and may not even see it again in the near future. The thing to remember is that all it takes for a trend reversal is one large green daily candle. We are so privileged to be in on this early enough even though some may feel it’s a late entry. As for all crypto related assistance, trade patterns and signals, Sydney Desmond has been the man a lot of people seek out and his system has been of immense benefit to me having helped me make 5 etc in the last 2 weeks with his easy to use trade signals. I am so appreciative of him and cannot help but let others know about him. He can be reached on desmondsydney634@gmailcom or WhatsApp/Telegram (+44 7723506502) for any crypto related inquiries.

  2. I’m so happy this correction is happening when I actually have money to buy BTC. Have been scaling in the last week and very happy with lower prices if that’s in the cards. I’ll buy more

  3. no one can get a ASIC to mine BTC sould out. it is hot and noise back to the blockface keep on chippin. me hands are like big spaz suvels on this SHA256. cup of tea anyone

  4. Dude – That long strategy is close to gambling as you can get. There’s no guarantee that it won’t chop sideways for months and drain your capital needlessly. No need to get greedy. You will make enough!!

  5. Hey, Sunny I just read that the Swedish central bank (Riksbanken) what's to create database with what people has in assets. I know I might
    exaggerate but fuck that feels like a step in authoritarian/communist direction and not in the freedom direction. Apparently they say it's for getting a better insight in people's debt but why the fuck should I trust them.

  6. Quick Question, how does the " Volume Profile " figure in, IF we have a LOT of new Buyers ? that ARE willing to Buy at the Prices, that did Not have a lot of Volume in the Past ? still trying to understand the Volume Profile. Thanks from a NEWBIE NEWBIE NEWBIE

  7. Thanks for useful information.

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