1. 99% crypto cloud mining are scams, be sure to invest in real company. I discover cryptouniverse, partner of canaan.. if you want more information join my channel.

  2. Report all bitcoin types of bitcoin and investment scams to chargebackguaranteed. If your bitcoin has been stolen or you are a victim of a cryptocurrency scam report to chargebackguaranteed. Check them on trustpilot by searching chargebackguaranteed.

  3. Ppl who know the most about the risk of mining cryptocurrency is the mining company itself. Cloudmining seems like a process in which the company is dipersing the investment risk to customers in form of contract mining. Now if theyre confident with the output of mining n price, why would they outsource or ask ppl to join the investment?

    Thats why the hashing power offered does not match the amount of investment. Thats because its for the company to fund the mining and also made some extra from ppls investment (should the currency drop in value or mining doesnt work as predicted)

    U shud think, if theyre confident it wud work out, they wouldnt offer to share with you. And they do know more abt the mining and the market price fluctuation than you

  4. I don't understand how all these random cryptocurrencies have any kind of value. Having so many different cryptocurrencies seems likely to just devalue each other. Seems like Beanie Babies were a better investment than any cryptocurrency. At least you got some rags to wash the floors with at the end.

  5. Cloud Mining is the best because you don’t send your bitcoin to anyone. So you can never be scammed In Cloud mining.
    My Cloud Miner is the best Mr Shaw Brandon reach him at cryptoshawbrandon@gmail. com

  6. Does anyone else actually use cryptocurrency for shopping? I like the idea of cryptocurrency but treating it like a stock doesn't make sense to me. Especially how new it is, unless people are using it for purchasing products them cryptocurrencies going to die. I have two small miners. It's more of a learning thing for me then trying to make money, plus I'm the type of person that picks up every penny I see on the ground and that's virtually what I'm doing with my USB miners. Just picking up pennies off the ground. So this is one year after this video almost to. The Bitcoin bubble finally popped and it leveled out finally. I've been waiting for quite some time. Last night I started looking at Cloud mining just out of curiosity and I found a few browser mining which was a complete pyramid scheme. Total scam but I found a couple others that looks kind of interesting. You start off with basic low rate mining and then you upgrade your mining capacity with the coins that you're making in the first place. Hey do you have a affiliate program but it's not mandatory. I'm not sure how this is profitable for the people hosting the sites. That's the part that I'm curious about is how are they making money. It seems like if you have the capacity to offer these hash rates to other people then it would be more profitable to use it for yourself. What am I missing?

  7. when it comes to trading BTC, I only know one man who is good at that on instagram @professional_cyberhacking .
    he earned me 4BTC in a short time of 7 days with a little deposit of $1,200. I recommend him to all who wants to invest

  8. not as much as scam.. like genesis and them tell you what you with make on the contract. like there 2 year for instance
    if you pay for a 2 year $300 contract it says your profit will be $147 a year… so it ya just do some simple math you'll see they arent worth it.. 147 + 147 – 194 … so you pay $300 for a 2 year contract that ultimately loses you money..

    honestly your better off chucking that money in a high percentage saving account at the bank. even at .4 % your going + not –

  9. It's time to raise this question again taking in consideration what was happening with services this summer. Biggest players as genesis and Hashflare aren't scams but their terms are harsh and it's no longer profitable to mine with them. Better to forget about investing there for a while. Only If btc skyrockets, then it can be reasonable.

  10. My question was not in your list, why would someone who have set up mining infrastructure not mine it themselves but sell it as compute service to others, what's the catch there ?

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