Is Hyprr (HYPE Token) the Next 100x Cryptocurrency? | Hyprr Platform Review | AKA Howdoo UDOO

What is the best decentralized social media platform in cryptocurrency? Why is Hyprr being called the TikTok, Instagram AND YouTube killer of 2021?


  1. definitely better than using youtube, but it wont be something I will put my money, I see the value as a content creator but as I investment, when someone very famous start using the platform he/she will get a lot of tokens, that will bring a lot of sell pressure

  2. Have you checked INXT? For me an almost sure x100!! Just look at its chart and tokenomics!! Internxt (INXT) is a decentralized cloud storage project that has less than a million fixed amount of coins..and a great working product with daily exponential growth of users and new products coming out…a no brainer!! A stable and constant growth!! It has just started to rocket out….check it out! 🙂

  3. I still wonder how people says they invested and didn’t get their investments back, but my case was different, just my first trial i got my profit back. I had never in any time had a loss since i started my investment with Mrs Kathy Morgan , i get my profits on every investment with Mrs Kathy. A friend of mine introduced this investment to me and it was exactly the way she introduced it to me and also benefiting from it..

  4. I think you should do a video on ICON (ICX). That is pretty interesting coin and the South Korea's fourth largest bank is probably gonna use it and today's price is a bit undervalued. Btw. Great Video!

  5. Thanks for the gem!! I'm gonna go scoop up some HYPE right now. I'm currently also following $CAT. That thing has been blowing up too! Only at .10 and will easily reach $1 by eoy, with its current trajectory. It's only the beginning. I love DeFi

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