1. I think the big whales can just make these 10x gains easily through leverage where as before they could only get from pumping the price up. They crash the market, short while crashing, others may or may not follow, and buy it all back cheap while keeping the money from the short. Repeat. I see no reason for BTC price to go much beyond 10k.

  2. I usually always open the banana where I like to place my buys, the top. But once in a while I'll pinch from the bottom and catch a little bounce. Am I doing this bearish binance banana bitcoin bartering right?

  3. 99.99999999% lose money buying lottery tickets but they are legal. Funny how the government can pimp their extremely shitty money making scams but crypto exchanges can't.

  4. Fun fact. America has 23 trillion national debt and over 650 trillion in bank derivatives. Over 2.5 quadrillion in world derivatives. Unsustainable and a ticking time bomb.

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