Is Litecoin BETTER than bitcoin? Why should you invest in Litecoin? LTC

Litecoin has alot of potential as the coin will show resiliency moving forward. There are alot of problems with bitcoin but Litecoin can move forward with it. TWITTER:


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  2. Why can't I buy a house with Litecoin??? If I have $2,000,000 in LTC, why can't I buy a house with it???

    Also, Litecoin seems to be a much better coin than Bitcoin. Who's to say LTC won't overtake BTC like a Facebook killed MySpace?

  3. i always had that deeep feeling that litecoin is in someway superior, like you have something very popular (bitcoin) but if you look a little deeper youll find out that there are far more superior competitors

  4. I think Dash is actually superior to Litecoin.

    – It has the same block confirmation as LTC but instantsend potentially allows even faster confirmations.
    – Dash isn't hobbled by segwit and its technical debt. Note that segwit cannot fully fix malleability as long as the old transaction format is allowed to exist.
    – X11 is much more ASIC resistant than Scrypt, Charlie Lee should have used variable Scrypt N parameters like in Vertcoin.
    – Dash proposes a masternode governance model that purports to solve the consensus deadlock issues that could arise, eg. like Bitcoin's blocksize situation. Litecoin fundamentally has not addressed this issue at all which means the deadlock we've seen in bitcoin could happen in litecoin as well.

  5. SO many trolls and fuckwits… don't listen to them bro – you're the first one on my watch list. Keep it up and happy 4th July!!

    (edited to add "and fuckwits").

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