Jack Dorsey Interview Bitcoin Giveaway Scam !!!! WARNING!!! Lost £11,000.00 !!!!

BITCOIN PROMOTION TURNED INTO A SCAM!!! TITLE WAS: “Jack Dorsey interview: Bitcoin BTC Event & Twitter news updates [April 19, 2020]” That time …


  1. Sorry about your loss brother. I suggest if you can in the future, try trading forex. It takes some time to learn and get the feel of but it does work out given you put in the time and effort. On that note, i'm suggesting Coffeezilla to give you a call and interview you. He does a lot of scammer exposing so yeah. I've already commented on his channel and shared your video link. Praying for you brother. Stay positive and God bless ya.

  2. Obviously Greedy People are far too easy to scam, how would someone expect to get free money by sending money with an untraceable and nonrefundable method ?
    But i see that it takes a lot of courage to make a video about such a stupid mistake.

  3. Hey bro, don't worry about this, you can make the money back somehow. You got to look to the future now and forget about this. Thanks for shooting this video to warn your brothers and sisters!

  4. Sorry to hear about your story. I saw the live event and thought it was real for a second, but googled the event and realized quickly it was a scam.
    I hope you get through this! Thanks for making this video and getting the word out! You will save a lot of people.

  5. I saw one today for Mike Bloomberg. There were 99,000 people watching the stream. The page is Bloomberg USA and it had 285,000 subscribers so I think they are hacking legitimate pages. Like an idiot I scanned QR code so I hope I don’t have ransomware on my phone. I saw your video so I went back and reported the page. Thank you for posting the video.

  6. You need to submit your claim to Coinfirm. They are conducting an active investigation into this scam and have enough evidence to prosecute the perpetrator and give the victims back their Bitcoin. It will take some time, but charges will be mounted against the scammer/scammers and they will be made to pay the victims back their Bitcoins.

  7. you should mesage directly on twitter and other social media handles… then also message youtube if they can be of help with tracing the attacker and why they accepted to allow that scam stream of jack go on without taking it down immediately.. im so sorry bro… really know this must have been very hurtful

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