1. $6430 was the probable bottom on Coinbase; capitulation occurred at $3128 in Dec 2018; this is a bull market already for more than a year. This 6 month correction from the 6 month 4 fold move from Dec 2018 to June 2019 is what's called "Disbelief" or that rally in early 2019 is considered a sucker's rally and this is just a continuation of the 2018 bear market. IMO the bear bottom was $3128; that the 2019 rally was overextended and this 6 month correction was a consequence. IMO the bottom was $6430. Time will tell; months preceding past halvings in BTC there were rallies. I think we will see that rally again before May 2020.

  2. how do you pinpoint those "gaps"? I mean if you noted when they showedup or you just scan through charts from scratch ? In other words I haven't been able to find/spot them…some spotlight on it would be helpful. Thanks!

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