1. By January 25, some will be cashing out for their chinese new year. Best time to buy up their selloff if they do. They aren't that stupid, they will chase back in before May 2020 unless they get locked out. haha

  2. i am puzzled too. but i think it is a text book July 2018. be careful of the 0.618 pull back i don't think it'll stop there. Chinese scam unregulated exchanges pumping it with hot air. a $50 CME gaps one at 7650 and 7335. can be seen on the 15 minute.chart.

  3. Crypto trader widely known as ‘Kentrell’ on Twitter/youtuber because of his superb trading program has recently published a bullish tweet, saying that the market needs to hold the Bitcoiin price not lower than the 8,7OOusd level. This is the condition, he says, under which the price is likely to advance towards the victorious IO,OOOusd spot within a day or two. so the bull is in control so everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i also advice you multiply the little you have with Kentrell's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on telegram kentrellroger orWhatsApp+1(2I3)34O-562O–__

  4. You can tell things have changed in the past two weeks. Someone is stepping in at the right time to pump us as they see fit. I knew when we started holding the 377 SMA that someone wanted the start of this next bull run. We could start this rising staircase for a while but I am closely watching the 200 SMA to see if we can break through and if we do hold onto your hats. Keep in mind we bumped into the 200 EMA once before pushing through. We might do the same thing with the 200 SMA.

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