1. noticed on the 4hr the rsi flat-lining since 7600 . which indicates this whole pump is another scam pump in my opinion. no strength behind this pump.

  2. so very nice of you James for describing how to spot these gaps…and your risk managment quick intro is valuable. this channel is exteremly helpful…Get well soon!

  3. Thank you for the analysis. Please check out a book called “Healing Back Pain” by John E. Sarno on Amazon. It changed my life and has helped countless others. If anything just read the reviews. You have nothing to lose.

  4. I see your point on compounding but you’re only using a very small amount of your available funds then how do you get the big returns even 3% on $10k is still only $300, per month going by your example, to get to the fictional 1million you’d have to trade a hell of a lot or go BIG.

  5. up to 9600 still long from 8631 and stay this way we are going to 10 to 12 k, james maybe you should look to the vids of the crypto sniper this guy is amazingly right for a long time

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