1. Wrong this time. Filp to bull. If in 2021 dollar starts to weaken like 2016-2017 and stocks start to rise again….and, if will be the case of a strong Yen currency, btc will explode higher. Look at usd/jpy or Jxy chart, 2021 is the breakout year for commodity market ( but I don't know if will be long or short yet). Let me know what you think because you will never find a correlation analyisis like this in your comment. :), it will a pleasure to chat with you in a private message. I am loking for a big thinker like you, to collaborate with. Good work as always Bro.

  2. Same here, my 5400 call might have been wrong. I saw it coming though, a close above 9100 made me bullish. Luckily have made money from every short over an entire year, let's hope I'm able to do the same with longs. Got a good grab at 6800-6900 which was golden pocket at that point. Sold them a week ago at 9k which was bearish golden pocket, got short towards low 8k, so sold with less than 10% which is good enough for me. Looking for long entries only from now on.

  3. just started watching your video…i see you are talking about the big inverse head and shoulders i commented on possibly forming…what percentage probability would you put on the scenario? i have leaned bear like you but im getting convinced by bulls…60 it happens 40 we fall to lower low

  4. What's the Google trends chart for BTC? Do you pay attention to that?
    I've been watching you for a long time, i changed my youtube name to express my feelings about all the financial markets and manipulations from the Fed and exchanges. I used to make jokes of you being my favorite guy sitting in a spare bedroom. LOL

  5. so basically ur "spare bedroom" is temporary office?…besides take care of ur health and give priority to those who paid u for the course and not us in here. Still many thanks for ur updates…its always freshing us up.

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