JavaScript Crash Course: Build a Bitcoin Calculator – Jonas Schmedtmann

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  1. The most skilled person on the earth I'm currently learning the "Complete Javascript Course" created by him. And dude I'm crashing it he is teaching like so incredibly good.

  2. Jonas, thanks for this course you are very, very good explaining things in an easy and understandable way. Your courses are the best I have see so far!!!!

  3. one of the amazing instructors on Udemy. glad I got lucky to choose his course, Totally recommend his Javascript and the advanced CSS course from Jonas. unrelated to this but I got scammed by another tutor who doesn't even bother to explain his solution and how he came up with, just gives a link to download a code while flex in css was explained in 5 min video!! so the ratings on Udemy doesn't always mean much. but for Jonas his courses are pure gold.

  4. Hello Jonas. I would like to hear from you what are your thoughts on JQuery. I am to begin your Complete Course on JS but I read 80% OF websites actually run some kind of JQUERY library and not bare JS. Many Thanks

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