1. I honestly think he's too smart to have conversations with average iq leveled people. He fights so hard to speak stupidly to make what's going on in his head make sense to the average person. He's said so many times his brain doesn't stop coming up with ideas. His brain isn't the same

  2. Their back and forth on coronavirus was a maddening C level student argument.

    If in one corner we have freedom and economy and in the other we have preservation of the vulnerable / species — why haven’t they focused on research for a respiratory and ocular apparatus that you can wear in public that allows you to be safe if someone chooses not to wear a mask.

    We need a device that doesn’t depend on collective compliance. Masks while effective — require the person who would be transmitting to wear it. The receiver is essentially still vulnerable. We need an apparatus to decrease risk for receivers. We need a mask upgrade.

    Those who don’t want to wear a mask will have their absolute freedom and the risk that comes with it.

    Those who want to participate in life as close to usual, can wear this apparatus, with a massive reduction in risk due to others actions. Add some hand sanitizer and some increased hygiene habits and that should be enough.

    For the measly stimulus money I’d rather of been issued an apparatus to keep me safe while others are free to choose.

    I don’t need the water — I need to able to lead myself to it.

    We are able to synthesize and essentially program an mRNA vaccine with efficacy in the 90th percentile, in record breaking time, but we couldn’t get a legit mask / respirator developed so that we can keep our lives ongoing as we figure out something more permanent. I call bullshit.

    The world fucked up on this.

  3. "Sooner or later we're all going to get senile." Speak for yourself Elon, while your gadgets are evolving, so is our awareness of consciousness and our innate creative power. The force of faith alone can bring a dead man back to life, I'm sure the divine can maintain our mental capacity well into very old age. It is the Spirit that gives life. It is the power of the frequency of love that shall unlock the long lost faculties of eternal youth and perfect bodily regeneration within our DNA. With God all things are possible.

    You all "up your data speeds" by getting mark of beast and comingling with machines, I'll up my life force and the life force of others through watching, prayer and union with God . Join with the things of this world, pass away with the things of this world. Join with the Eternal One, live forever in paradise in true creative, spiritual and energetic freedom within Heavenly Kingdoms above, worlds and realms of glory, splendors, wonder, awe and delight. Jesus lives.

  4. You would have bought 1000 shares of tesla when this came out you would have millions lol tesla and elon is and will be the GOAT . Hope more people evolve like him but the way social media is evolving our iq

  5. We lost our Constitution in 1861 when Lincoln used it as collateral for a loan they went default on in 1933 and why the Federal Reserve Prints the Money instead of Congress proving Treason, proof that all Laws are not Legal since they allow this Treason because Treason can never be Legal.

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