1. Be careful on Telegram. Very easy to impersonate anyone and the scams are elaborate. I had a phish attempt from someone with exact profile of one of the admins.

  2. I have been tented for scammers for like 3 times. I got message about the ethereum, give away. In other occasion foreign scammer asked me my private key for ICO website wallet maintenance. I did not bite the hook. The one they got me and want to share with you Guys and Bit is a giveaway from enjing coin airdrop. The trama was that you needed holding 2000. enjin coins and they would accredited 200. enjins to your account Well as innocent i bought 1500 enjin since I already had 500 and went to the airdrops site, surprise they wanted my Private key to make sure it was my wallet 😉. of course i did not give it. i guess the gain for them is the 1500 enjin i bought at .07 cent of usd right after enjin went down to 0.04 …. sorry for my English I am from Panama…..

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