1. I've been watching a lot of your videos lately. They're great! I have noticed that you don't do much with stock fundamentals, though. How important are those when trading? Or should you mainly focus on technicals? Thanks

  2. Keltner channels are great. They are all you need. Settings of 34 period and standard deviation of .5 works best. When price is inside bands, its like the bollinger squeeze. Watch for breakout!! When price breaks out, close when price returns to channel. That simple. Signal is first candle that closes outside upper (long) or lower (short) band. After entering trade, first candle must go your way, if not, exit immediately and wait for next signal. This way, small losses and huge wins. You will master the markets with this simple strategy. Nothing else is needed. Make sure you trade higher time frames or this won't work as well. The fewer signals, the better.

  3. TopDogTrading Question what are your thoughts on Bill Williams Fractal and Bill Williams Alligator? I really want to know if it’s still reliable on today’s market? I trust your judgment and I want to make sure it’s best for trading. I hope to hear back from you ASAP.

  4. Please explain Keltner in terms of stop loss placement and trailing stops.

    What is the most suitable trailing stop setup which accounts for volatility and maximumum profit. Ofcourse a trailing stop method whether keltner or standard deviation x multiplier would have to be a balance between volatility and tightness allowing for max profit.

  5. Thanks Barry. I have a question about the Bollinger band. Would it work well in short time frames such as 5 or 10 minute charts? I trade SPY and use a 10 & 20 Ema. What are your thoughts about incorporating the Bollinger band with a 10 ema and a deviation of 2.5? This would be for Day trading the SPY. Thanks in advance.

  6. Nice Job! very clear and simple analysis with specific examples that shows the pros and cons of Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channel. I know, I'm professional in business for 45 years. Joe Colell

  7. Thank you very much! I am a new trader. Still in Demo with Nadex. I have a live account but won't touch it until I am profitable in my demo. I use TOS for my live charts. So many studies!!! Trying to narrow it down to the most pertinent for short term trades. I'm learning how to "feel" the pulse of the markets I trade, gathering quick profits. This was great! Glad to have found you.

  8. Hi Dr.Barry,i find ur teaching very helpfull and out of box thinking.I am a beginer ,and i would like to ask u for a favor,can u please provade me with exact indicator setup of ur 5 energy metodology,I am starting to trade on binary options on iq option platform,for example 5 min chart and 15 min chart.Thank u in advance or if u have some sugesstions on what chart to trade i am glad to hear.I wish u peace in mind and joy in heart.

  9. Hi Barry So basically you are telling you not a big fan of the Keltner Chanells. Sorry to say but why post a video about it then ? Would rather see you go deeper in details on a real startegy which i think you have. But okay that cant be shared for free i understand that.

  10. I've used Keltner channels quite a bit but in totally different ways than what you are describing in this video. First, I use a non-standard setting: 1 deviation instead of 2, and a 50 SMA average instead of a 20. Then using TOS, I can create alerts for when a moving average (like the 8EMA) crosses outside of an outer band. This lets me know multiple things: it helps avoid choppy markets, and shows that a trend is being established. Then when I receive the cross over alert, I coordinate the timing of my entry from my cycle indicator and/or momentum breakouts. A second way that I have seen Keltner channels used is in relation to earnings trades (using the normal settings of 2 deviations and a 20 SMA, and a daily chart). Since earnings often explode to one direction or the other and typically outside of the channels. Wait for the close outside. Then on the day after earnings, open a position when price trades beyond the close the trading on earnings day.

  11. Using TOS I have the Keltner as a center part of the set up with the 1,2,3, BB over laid with this set up … Gives you a clear view of he location and the volatility present in the price action ….

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