KickToken Scam: Crypto Altcoin Explodes, But Is Not Legit

Today we look at KickToken, which is a scam to steal your info. If you would like to be highlighted on my channel please reach out to me at …


  1. humm. i use too think that you talking about good things but here are you totaly lost… .. and when you sign up for the airdrop they told you you just can use those tokens for fee on thier exchange.. so dont understand why complan on that they tell tou that you cant sell them. just use for fees.. and the exchange are going live now in june… so we will see what happens…

  2. I was one of the 888,888 airdrop people to get it. I watched the whole value go from $100 down to $61 in 2 days… then out of nowhere, a 780% gain in two days bring the whole value of 888,888 to around $790.00 but yet, I couldn't do squat with it because its frozen. Shady??? Maybe not??? I'll just have to wait till the KickEX goes live.

  3. OMG an exchange is asking for KYC? That never happens! Instant SCAM! Lol
    FACT: No one is forced to KYC or even use or trade these coins.
    Opinions and conjecture without any proof whatsoever is just FUD! 👎

  4. I made 300% on the scam coin KICK just recently. I have more for the next bull run,at no cost, bought with the profits, ath was .2755. So many coins get labelled scam coins and still pump. I say ride the waves with the scammers, then get out. Who cares about the airdrops, just delete it or something. Go to Kucoin, risk $100, Im sure it will pump a few more times.

  5. As EVERYTHING is going down (temporarily…yeah, yeah) today, LINK is going back up. What does THAT say? It says it’s not totally reliant on BTC for its movement. I’ll stick to LINK.

  6. Glad you spoke about kick token, haven’t seen much information about it. I also received a frozen air drop.. Probably just going to change wallets to remove them.

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  8. The kick token thanks bitboy I asked for this review.. it looks chinese but I think it’s more American, this magic algorithm is meant to select 167,000 every month based on exchanges using ERC20, hearing many folk abandon their wallets for the annoyance it causes to their balance. Let’s hope one day it doesn’t have worth, many people going to KICK themselves. 😉

  9. You are forgetting kick on is on KuCoin ! I purchased a few just to see if possible and also sent them to my trust wallet. Great video however a little misinformation. Check KuCoins

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