Kraken Exchange Tutorial – How to Reduce Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Kraken Bitcoin Exchange Tutorial. In this video, I show you how to buy your first Bitcoin using the Kraken exchange. I also walk you through how to deposit and …


  1. Well explained, especially the "Maker and Taker", I couldn't quite get a handle on what it meant. Cool to see a lady Crypto Youtuber, keep up the good work!

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  3. Louise, another question please: do you have videos about how to obtain cryptocurrency keys after purchase on Kraken? Many thanks.

  4. The best i have ever seen. couple of Qs please: if i have a deposit in Euro, can I purchase for example Ripple/US? or it's not advisable?

  5. I´ve been trading with Kraken for couple weeks now. What i have noticed is that their fees are quite high and can affect your balance wallet. I´ve requested them to have some kind of calculator to give more visibility before trading.

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