Learn Crypto Trading: Futures Trading

If you want to start trading cryptocurrency this video help you to make your first steps. The Futures trade means you sell or buy contracts. OUTLINE: 0:20 Futures …


  1. Trading Crypto currency is a way of making money online easily by investing your capital in a platform and growing your invested capital with a trading signals to accumulate profit in continues trading however a good trader would be attributed by getting a Trader who will be guiding and providing all information on your invested capital to make bigger profits .I've been earning from trading bitcoin for the past 2 years under Mr James Carlson advice and strategy, all you need as a beginners is to get a reliable Trader like James Carlson to guide and provide you the necessary info to succeed in day trade, because trading alone will lead to loose trades, Crypto has been my major income during the down times I made profit over 4BTC every 2 weeks, James can be reached through whatsapp +447476717980 or Telegram @JamesC51 and that will enable him to explain and provide you all information you need to succeed with your trading.

  2. Необходимо наладить бесплатный тестовый режим работы на фьючерсах и опционах, на длительное время! На 3 дня как сейчас не пойдёт, невозможно проверить стратегии! Поэтому многие трейдеры не перехрдят на дорогой пакет! Предложение руководству 3коммас!

  3. Great video, man! I'm still very new at all this and still don't understand what the hell I'm doing, but it was a great explanation nonetheless, lol.

  4. Hi Moonin Papa, thank you for your video. I tried to use 3Commas for two months but now I'm going to leave it as I reported 5(!) bugs during this time and support team is not going to fix them at all. They even don't watch the video I recorded for them to understand the problem. Actually, I'm tired to work as a 3Commas tester for free. So I would not recommend anybody to use this product as it is buggy, low quality and very raw.

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