Learn Five Powerful MACD Trading Strategies

This is a strategy that was used in a Forex competition and beat down the competitor. It uses double MACD with custom setting to enter trades. There are five …


  1. just getting to know you, have watched some of your videos on youtube and am discovering something new in Forex, please am interested in getting your double MACD indicator. my email – usangasim@gmail.com.

  2. Thank you very much sir for this wonderful video
    Pls I can't place the two MACD settings this way on my mobile MT4, they appeared separately when I tried it. Please can you help me with that? My email is ezekingsleynzube3606@gmail.com

  3. hello sir,,,i have try many times to apply double macd to MT4,,,but failed,,im very appreciate if you can send to me template for this setting,,my email is faizalillahi@gmail.com ,,,thanks in advance

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