Leaverage Trading Halal or Not ? Bitcoin Trading is Halal?

Hello Friends is Video Me Aap Dekhiye Bitcoin trading ke upar video hai Bitcoin trading halal or not iske baad aata hai leaverage trading halal or not aaj ka ye …


  1. Global rashid Let me explain you
    Leverage is the strategy of using borrowed money to increase return on an investment. If the return on the total value invested in the security (your own cash plus borrowed funds) is higher than the interest you pay on the borrowed funds, you can make significant profit.
    So in simple words wherever we pay interest Its haram so no need any fatwa here its very simplr to understand Whether lev trading halal or haram Hope you will understand NOW.

  2. Global Rashid Let me explain you why Leverage trading is haram
    In leverage trading We dont own that money they Are lending money which we dont own and Take their profit with intrest In return so basically Interest is Haram either you take or give to others in islam …
    Hope you Understand This

  3. पेपर पर छापा हुआ नोट भी एक तरह का टोकन है । उसी तरह से क्रिप्टो करेंसी भी एक वर्चुअल टोकन है । जो की उसी करंसी पर लिखा हुआ होता है की इस पेपर की कितनी वेल्यु है पेपर का साइज कलर सब कुछ सेम होता है मगर वो 500₹,200₹ अलग अलग होती है ।

  4. لیوریج سسٹم میں جو ٹریدنگ ہوتی ہے یہ ناجائز ہے باقی بٹ کوئن کی ٹریڈنگ پر ابھی جائز یا ناجائز کا فتوی نہیں لگا…….. فاریکس پر مفتیان کرام کا فتوی بہر حال ناجائز کا ہی ہے وہ میں بھیج دیتا ہوں

  5. I am sure you don't know about Shaikh Imran Hossain as you said that no details available from Islamic scholar regarding btc in internet. Listen to him he was predicted vertual currency far way before it's invention and many many more. He is exposing every major fraud in monetary system.

  6. AOA brother, my qualification is master in islamic studies,first i have complete my research on this topic an then i started , i have more then 4 year exp of crypto market , btc and crypto market work is halal but LEVRAGE trading is very near of gambling and bcoz of liquidation according to many islamic scholors levrage is Haram also in stock , in spot trading if ur coins value goes down even 0 but u have coins in ur wallet but in leverage if u liquidate u have nothing in ur wallet, so i also working in spot trading but avoid leverage trading. u can read these articles also .https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-declared-compliant-with-sharia-law-price-surges/



  7. Apko Me 2017 Se Janta hu Or
    Agar Sach me Batau To Apse Me Buhut Kuch Sikhahu
    Or Apko Me Is liye love Karta Hu Ap Buhut positive ho
    Or Me Positive Banna Chahtahu
    Agar ne hi Banunga To Is negative Veed Se Aage Nehi Japaunga.😀😀😀🙏


  8. #Rashid bhai

    Bitcoin tranding halal hai but leverage trading haram hai…..levrage haram isliye hai Qki isme all money loss ho jata hai….all money loss hone ki wajeh se ye shart me shamil ho jayegi shart me jaise paisa aa bhi sakta aur har gye toh ja bhi sakta….so jab dubble shart haram h islam me same isi tarah levrage trading bhi haram ho jayegi …… Qki exchange wale aapko levrage dekar aapse shart laga rahe agar aapko bhadhne par proft milta h same shart ke sath utna ghatne par loss bhi h…..agar aap is baat se sahmat hoto jawab dijiyega..

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