Ledger Nano Setup Tutorial 2019 – Safe Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Ledger Nano S hardware wallet tutorial and unboxing. In this video tutorial, I explain the process of setting up your Ledger Nano S device. I show the Bitcoin …


  1. I have the LG v20 phone. But when I hook it up using a type c connector to micro USB connector my ledger does not power on..however if I take a standard USB cable and hook it up to my laptop all works well. I have ledger live installed. Any ideas..

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  3. Hi, L watched your video about getting started with my Ledger Nano S. I'm not getting the same displays as you are getting. I've changed my recovery phrase and confirmed my pin. Then it prompts me to settings. After that it only gives me the option to change the brightness. Ifb I scroll down it says device, then security and nothing else. I am not getting the page bthat you get about which coins to download. The device doesn't give any other options except quit. Do you know what to do. I paid around $80.00 and it was sent from France, did I get ripped off?

  4. I was watching an instructional video on this elsewhere and had to abandon it because it was just terrible.

    Found this one next and can highly recommend it. Good job Ms. Elizabeth. Passing this link onto anyone who ask me for nano s help in Australia.👍🏽

  5. Very helpful in how to set up the Ledger Nano S. Totally appreciate it. You explained things thoroughly and clearly even for us crypto newbies…Thanks !

  6. We just brought a new Nano S from Ledger. I was surprised to see when we were seeing up the system that the Nano S gave us the 24 recovery words rather than letting us pick our own. Is this correct or should I be worried?

  7. Well I went ahead and ordered a Ledger Nano S on June 23rd and it STILL hasn't arrived. I paid via Paypal and it went through just fine. For some reason those morons dropped the ball and cancelled my purchase saying they weren't paid!!! When questioning them as to how this happened, they couldn't answer me. It's like the "left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing" for some reason. I've never had a problem with a Paypal payment with anyone before. Paypal shows that I sent the payment and that Ledger RECEIVED my payment immediately. If you buy off their website, beware and STAY ON THEM until yours arrives. I'm still waiting and waiting and waiting……

  8. I've initialised my device but only have Bitcoin App. I've followed the video step by step but simply cannot add more apps to the device – I get a screen to say "Connect your Ledger Wallet" which I have, and entered my Pincode" – No idea how to progress. Ledger Manager is in my Chrome Apps

  9. Thanks Louis Elizabeth. I don't have a Ledger wallet, but if I purchase one in the future I will definitely use the link you provided to help you and your channel.

  10. I feel you are much cheaper and just as or more secure using a AES encrypted USB stick. You could store a wallet inside that. Possibly even further encrypted with another password protected container such as a zip or rar file. So long as you back up your recovery keys you are good to go.

  11. Thanks for the how too. Question. If you give someone your Btc address for them to send you Btc and they do send. How do I get it saved to my Nano? I’m guessing it sits in the Blockchain until I save it?

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