LIVE! CryptoCrow and Richard Heart on Bitcoin, Ethereum, HEX, security, scams, etc.

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    00:00:03 Introduction

    00:02:25 CryptoCrow's Background

    00:06:05 Richard's Background (MEGSSS / SEO / Panama / / Mining)

    00:16:23 Bitcoin VS Banks / Macro View of Crypto

    00:18:03 Richard As Developer VS Project Manager

    00:21:35 Making It Big in Crypto

    00:22:20 Actions that Scale

    00:23:16 Buying Mining Hardware VS Buying Coins


    00:26:29 Hex Introduction

    00:27:26 Designing HEX

    00:28:51 Bitcoin Pumpamentals (Freemium / Inflation Rate)

    00:30:41 BTC Free Claim / You MINT Your Own Coins

    00:32:09 Tutorials

    00:33:16 Bonuses and Penalties

    00:35:23 4 Ways to Get HEX (Refer / BTC Free Claim / ETH AA / Buy On Exchange)

    00:38:00 HEX: Blockchain Time Deposits

    00:39:28 Knowing Future Market Supply

    00:40:08 Referral Program

    00:40:21 Freemium

    00:40:29 Speculative Stickiness

    00:40:47 HEX Community / Stats (Free Claim Question)

    00:44:59 Referrer Profitability

    00:46:08 Launch Phase / HEX Inflation / Supply

    00:47:15 Utility VS Price

    00:47:42 HEX VS Bitcoin

    00:48:22 Volatility / Speculation

    00:50:29 Ponzis / Bitconnect / Religion

    00:53:24 Security: HEX VS BTC

    00:57:33 Where AA ETH Goes (Howey Test)

    00:59:12 Inflation in HEX

    01:00:06 Utility / No Expectations of Future Work

    01:00:39 Richard's Lack of Control in HEX

    01:01:10 Speculation VS Use of Token

    01:02:05 HEX Value on Exchanges

    01:03:47 No Expectations of Future Work / HEX Community

    01:07:08 You MINT Your OWN Keys / SEC / Securities in Crypto

    01:09:41 HEX Solutions (Counterparties / Miners / Scams)

    01:15:21 Referrers

    01:16:11 Entropia Universe

    01:16:55 HEX Benefits Over Bitcoin

    01:17:47 HEX Haters

    01:19:19 Capitalism / Responsibility

    01:19:48 Pet Rocks VS Crypto

    01:20:42 Power Ledger Criticism

    01:21:52 Blockchain is ONLY for Censorship Resistance (Hidden Data Rot)

    01:25:47 Richards Involvement in HEX

    01:26:06 Exchanges / Price Discovery

    01:28:29 EOS VS HEX

    01:28:51 Go Use HEX / CryptoCrow's Neutrality

    01:30:13 First Time Hearing About Bitcoin

    01:30:54 Bitcoin VS Other Cryptos

    01:34:02 Conclusion


    01:34:36 HEX Sentiment

    01:35:33 Candles / Cameras

    01:36:22 Tired
    01:36:54 Only trade Hex

    01:37:00 Hot with candles

    01:37:18 How to Get HEX

    01:38:00 BTC Free Claiming VS ETH AA Unfairness Claim

    01:39:01 HEX Pumpamentals / New Whales

    01:40:39 HEX Solutions / Potential

    01:41:20 Knowing Future Market Supply

    01:42:54 Richard's Shills

    01:45:06 Conclusion

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    HEX / ETH – 0x372A1B8D9debfF02CeE4819260acDAd5214Ee8F7

  2. Transform ETH into HEX? That's not what happens. The transaction ends with ETH existing in Richard's wallet and HEX existing in yours. The fact that the ETH doesn't get burnt tells you all you need to know. This is a money grab by Richard. He contorts language to put up obstacles for the SEC. Another thing he never mentions is that his founder's wallet has no staking time restrictions. He can pump and dump at will, something very easy for him since staking times are public info and he will control about 50% of existing HEX at any time. The BTC airdropish angle is public relations; It's a pittance compared to the value in HEX that can be bought with ETH. HEX is a self-enrichment scheme cooked up by Richard to take value from you in exchange for pixie dust.

  3. Cardano doesn't exist. Lol, ok there richy boy, you keep talking about what's better than Bitcoin, and continutally refer to HEX as better than bitcoin. Then you immediately do exactly what a moronic bitcoin maximalist will do when describing Cardano. When in reality Cardano is setup to be better than ETH is many ways, and it will be ready as a POS blockchain, with smart contracts, and with a treasury system, and it will likely be finished before ETH is successfully fully POS.

  4. Who the hell was that guy? It's hard to take anyone seriously who shits on EOS but loves Cardano. Lol. I'm not saying you need to love EOS. But tech-wise, it's the clear leader in the space. Meanwhile, Cardano doesn't even exist.

  5. “Hi… I’m Richard Heart; Bitcoin OG mined 50btc blocks without a pool, serial entrepreneur retired at age 24, creator of Hex and I’ll fuck you up anytime, anywhere. Bring your heroes here to die”

  6. Richard always downplays people who are involved in BTC to bring down the banking systems by stating the obvious fact that they have more BTC than all the rest of us do. While he may be correct, that still doesn't change the fact that their disservice as bankers is no longer required in a post-fiat world. Of course they will still be rich in a BTC dominant world, but they will also no longer have the ability to siphon economies. Them having more BTC than Joe Schmoe, is null and void.

  7. I see the look Jason has….I know it well because I had it too. Only thing I can say is that you can not think about HEX in the same traditional thought process of other Crypto Currencies. We think of utility traditionally, I don't see where the utility of HEX comes in….but hopefully I will understand in time? Personally I found it as complicated as hell……but others do not.

  8. 9.000 people watched…..very small number…..makes me thing about crypto adoption….i will buy some Hex just to gamble at home and give some money to Richard. I like the guy.

  9. That was great, very enjoyable listening… I hope so too, that everyone stops drinking Coke Cola and starts enjoying "Hexe Hola" ! Greetings and well wishes. Tony

  10. I was critisizing "RICHARD HEART" at first explanation, my mind Had not wraped my head around it…"But over a couple days I realize the basic construct……as you buy the "HEX"….and the coin is "TIME RELEASED"……The cashing out if you like only could be after you, CASH OUT

  11. I’ve been following Richard for a few years now and i really like how insightful he is. It is clear that he is intelligent and knowledgeable about crypto as well as a lot of other subjects. I believe in him and Hex and I threw a small amount in. If it goes to zero then so be it. It seems like a fun experiment to me and maybe it will be amazing.

  12. i know that you cant/ wont do this Mr. Heart, but please quit talking to idiots….it hurts me everytime i here u talk to someone who is an idiot

  13. Crypto Crow was one of those guys that were constantly pushing ICO's and other bullshit. Never had any respect for the guy

  14. Love the cosy candle setup. Cardano might not yet be up, but I bet the HEX smartcontract will migrate to Cardano in 2021 because that will be more secure and more sustainable.

  15. This was a GREAT video even though CC was tired and this is a lot of info to absorb- it would be great to have another one w him so he could now go research and ask deep game theory question- STILL AN EXCELLENT INTERVIEW FOR HEX 😊

  16. Richard, your arguments for HEX aren't getting any better. You know enough to convince a subset of people that you know a lot and you speak with (con)fidence (like any good salesman should). You take what you know and stretch it to make fallacious arguments in favor of HEX. You say you want to distance HEX from Bitcoin, but continue to erroneously compare HEX to Bitcoin. You're dishonest in your presentation but seem to be trying very hard to make it appear as if you aren't (by highlighting how you're sticking to things you've said in the past). The problem is that intelligent people can spot the errors in your sales pitch. We know what's what. I wish someone would come on without trolling you and just tear down every fallacious argument that you've made. Unfortunately, this would be completely masturbatory, since people who are following you out of ignorance are balls deep in confirmation bias.

  17. Unless HEX is adopted by a vendor (of some type) to use for expenditures, it will fail… BUT, HEX just needs 1… can even be for an exchange to use of for transactions… but without an actual use case, the value is simply based upon absolutely nothing… HEX could be anther Dgb, Etc, Ltc, Smt…. but needs adoption for a use case.

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