LIVE QUANT TRADING: Alameda Research Trading the 7.5K BTC Sell Wall on Binance Today

Today a 7.5K BTC sell wall popped up on Binance, we missed filming the first 10 mins of action but captured the next 20 as Alameda traded the opportunities …


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  2. This is now my favourite exchange,I left binance…pls add more tokens..
    Plus there is huge spread in order book,when we trade Bull tokens..
    Pl hv a look into it.

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  4. Content is good but Sound quality is very bad… we can hear a lot of background voices like keyboard clicks etc.. you guys are tech geeks but dont you know how to edit a video? Funny😁

  5. Stumbled on your channel from Binance CEO tweet. Thank you for producing the volume report on crypto exchanges and forefronting the dedication and time on making the research and testing possible.

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