Live Trading & Chart Analysis – Stock Market, Gold & Silver, Bitcoin – NY Session October 19, 2020

Learn how to trade the markets for profit. Spending one session will set you on the path toward constantly profitable. We focus on the easiest & best market …


  1. Downright the best analysis of the markets out there, TA + Macro = ❤️
    Appreciate your efforts with making these videos everyday completely for free! I sincerely hope you make many bags! You deserve it!

  2. Hi Jordan. I browsed ur BTC play list and focused on ur chart analysis. I do think that ur assumption about the price action is probable and I do think that the extreme side up is very real (tho my q about the increase of the market cap was more about if u know about factual information about sectors that doing procedural preparations to create financial vehicles to enter the space like banks and funds etc that can be used as confirmation to the chart pattern). Add to that I think there should be caveats, that refers to BTC reactions to market disruption, that can somewhat overly adds to the pattern ( as happend in march). we are still in the unfolding of this years event especially if we look on the overbaring short bound position of the market right now and the big banks on the other side of that trade that prevent liquidity from the market and suck up the rest to buy more gov bounds . also the issue of ppl holding debt unpaid is not resolved and held on freeze with forbearances etc this issue will be slowed with debt monetization or defult and the progress will give clues to what next.t those are just 2 examples that hold a lot of stored potential to disruption. as exemple from march of this year BTC is very sucepteble to market selloff so ppl that hold btc should be prepared to hold it over a year or follow up charts closly and swing it. that being said I do hold certain bayess from what I gathered that the current trend up in the market and BTC specifically will continue for some time even tho the election will add some volatility to the pattern up .

  3. "Powell speaking…whatever his topic of nonsense is" huge lol, you crack me up Jordan. Love your videos as always. You are helping me out greatly in terms of knowledge and profit accumulation.

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