Livestream with Bitcoin Trading Challenge + Cracking Crypto

This is the joint analysis session from March 17th with fellow Youtuber Cracking Crypto. Enjoy! Check out his channel here: …


  1. Bennet, Congrats! You are the man. Making clear the market reading to newbies, is not an easy task. Soon I would have seen half your videos and each one is soo soo enlightening. Can t express how much gratitude I feel for you. On the other hand. I do have a question about how to read tensor chart: is there any diference in how does the graphic looks like when a large orders gets filled and when they cancel it right before? I mean does the candle looks any diferent? Thanks a lot. Ah, may be if you ask for thumbs up and share your content, very likely you will get more action in you panel, and more subscribers. It´s just a suggestion. Happy trading!

  2. This is a very crucial time for bitcoin with the bearish market still dominating but with indications of a bull market approaching. $4,000 has proved to be a very strong resistance in the last few months and upon breaking this resistance with a little persistence, we are sure of the bulls taking charge. This makes it the best time to not only create a portfolio but also to build it by day trading with a working strategy and signal system for the less experienced. The best way to go about this from personal experience is to start by buying for those who don’t already hold coins and then trading actively with the guidance of one with a good success rate and my recommendation is Eric Caruso . I was able to quickly acquire over 6btc as return on my investment using his signals and a few of my friends also have great testimonies about him. Trading has become easy and even fun using his trade strategies and signals which are very accurate. His contact by mail is ericcaruso66@gmailcom. You can reach out to him if you are having issues with turning in consistent profit or if you need an experienced trader as a mentor in trading.

  3. I like the fact that you're the more silent one in this stream. Kinda represents a more humble character, which has nothing to do with the way TA is explained but does makes me value you as an individual more.

  4. Does your "Price Action and Volume" guide applicable for all other markets like stock or forex? The reason I'm asking this question is because you advertise your "Gravity" guide by stated that "Psychology drives the Cryptocurrency markets. Take advantage of it." Isn't psychology drives all other markets like cryptocurrency does?

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