Local Man Loses $22,000 In Cryptocurrency Scam

Online money like Bitcoin is the latest rage in the tech world and taking the stock market by storm. But an Inglewood man says he lost his life savings after …


  1. This is why I boycott and ditch Bitcoin. People were wondering why I don´t fund Bitcoin and here´s why. I´d like to be a smart guy who dumps boo boo non sense. I know that 99 per cent of people find boo boo non sense to be totally fascinating. It is just bullshit. No one can seriously benefit from it, whether it is bitcoin, vaccines,moon landings, honest politicians or any other such non sense.What bitcoin´s creators did was moon customers. Don´t let yourself be mooned! There are other things to do in life that are far more important.Instead of funding bitcoin scams, go fund pensioners.

  2. Holy sh*t! 22k is a lot, damn! I feel sorry for him.
    Crypto this, Crypto that; crypto might be the next big thing but a lotta of scam here and there, lets be careful guys. Even the so called exchanges and ICOs.
    I was scammed but I'm glad now, I found the scammer, f**k him!
    I'm not really into the habit of recommending people but this guy, Wendell; he's good, he helped me. You can contact him if you have been hit and/or if you like.

  3. This is why it is so imperative we continue to support The Federal Reserve Banking system. Invest in and buy U.S. government bonds with your dollars; they are the safest investment which are backed by the U.S. military. When the U.S. pays off its national debt, the value of the dollar will skyrocket.

  4. Crypto's are scams. Once enough people lose confidence in this garbage, going to "zero".
    Exchanges are getting hacked, people are creating "fake" crypto's all the item. Digital currencies are very to create, 1000's have been created.

  5. Cryptocurrency is the biggest scam in human history.
    Government is a part of that scam otherwise it already could be stopped.

  6. Lol so if you call someone for help about your bank account, you'd give out your password to a stranger for help. It aint rocket science kids.

  7. If Bernie Madoff and The Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort were to give birth to the Ultimate Scam it would turn out to be Crypto. Wake Up America!

  8. At least I know I can always count on my bank to protect me from fraudsters like cryptocrap. Can you say the same for crptocrap? Mmmmmmm probably not….

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  10. why would you ever give someone your password???? poor guy. I feel bad for him. But remote access and giving someone your password is a no no and is a common scam tactic that we should all be aware of by now these days. I hope he is back on his feet.

  11. So don't invest in crypto currency boys and girls. Just hold on to those worthless dollars that are controlled by a group of private bankers who hold all the wealth for themselves.

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