1. When I saw the link re this morning I did believe it was genuine and for a few seconds I did wonder how this morning would promote this if it wasn't in some way genuine. I then thought nobody gives u money for nothing and assumed it was a scam. I put Carroll and Bitcoin and scam into google and immediately got links to Bitcoin companies and I guess other scams before I eventually found confirmation that it was all bs. Whilst I was never going to be taken in by this I still can't believe that I was willing to believe that this was something that aired on a national tv prog.

  2. You promote Eth?? How many contracts must break or be drained of the eth? How many times must vitalik role back after hacks? Why not just promote something secure, like bitcoin??

  3. Followed you for a long time now. Glad to see you building up traction. Keep doing the good work. It's amazing comparing your production now to some of your older videos. Hope 2019's a good year for you.

  4. Discord is full of this type of scams! They trick users to send btc to their scam platform. Keep making those videos. I got tired of reporting these scammers on discord.

  5. I never see ads on coindesk for two reasons:

    I don't read coindesk.
    in case I do check an article, I don't see ads.
    next time, use any adblocker.
    If you still see ads by taboola or any other scam services, search online how to remove them, mind you, there's some malware involved in your ad-service so don't waste anymore time.

  6. Hey dude, been following you for awhile. Love your content. I've been reading up on the channel bitcoin fund manager, and apparently hes a huge scam artist roaming in the koreas. It would be appreciated if you could expose him, because he deserves it more than anyone you've exposed.

  7. Ashamed to say this took me in – I nearly clicked buy – but a bit of investigation and it flagged up as a scam. Very convincing with the fake Good Morning review.

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