Love Fraud (2020) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary Series

The four-part docu-series follows the search for one man, Richard Scott Smith, who over the past 20 years used the internet and his dubious charms to prey …


  1. Carla the bounty hunter has the right attitude. A guy does that to you, slit his throat so he can't do it again bc the law don't care. Though if you take it to somewhere like ABC 20/20, sometimes the law changes their ignorant attitude while under the microscope.

  2. Well it's interesting to have the people here who are part of this so you guys can give validity to the project cuz many of us do read the comments first so I'm going to check it out

  3. A very successful con, but just a drop in the bucket! Cons can come in all shapes, sizes, and shades, male, female, young, and old. It's a tough lesson as you may potentially stand to lose so much, monetary and otherwise. They also can run in packs, so not to rest easy. You will learn that people of 'their' nature reveal a time-tested utter lack of empathy for their fellows, as well as a frightfully discernable deception as time is spent getting to know them. They will divert, burden, and confuse. After all the dust settles, losses have been cut, tears have been shed; please allow yourself to 'forgive' yourself. Ultimately…. is 'not' your fault. Most likely, up until the 'encounter' with the con, many will have been disappointed in their fellow man from time to time, and throughout the years. Relationships of all kinds will be had and trust may be poked at, feelings may be hurt, hearts may be broken, but 'nothing', no 'nothing' will match this experience. When you 'know' better, you do better. For now…let's just focus on the swindler masked in romance. You will learn that he is wanting 'everything' but… ….the romance. Romance…is one thing that they have no 'real' need for. This topic is oft not discussed as the 'victim' has not only lost so much but is humiliated beyond, and is praying that no one else was hurt other than oneself. And…that is the 'only' prayer that matters….

  4. WoW there's a lot of Hate from Women out there, but when They had a good loving relationship when They were younger They threw it away and Now that They look horrible (let's be Honest) they want a good looking guy to love Them???
    Give Me a break they got what they deserved, Good luck getting the money back.

  5. I’m sorry he didn’t lie to the entire world! He lied to you! I never met him because I don’t have low self esteem! I don’t feel sorry for any of them! The feminist movement should have made you aware! I’m trying to figure out why women are trying to take care of a grown man financially at their own expense and financial savings. lol you gave him everything that you worked so hard for? He shouldn’t serve a day in jail!

  6. This movie was designed to make a general demographic feel special. PS: REVENGE IS NOT A WAY OF LIFE, SO STOP GETTING YOURSELF INTO THOSE SORTS OF SITUATIONS. TRUST IS ALWAYS TO BE EARNED.

    pps: There is no such thing as love. Love is a delusion produced by chemicals to enslave a person to another. LOVE IS A LIE….& no one hurt me cuz I learn from other people's mistakes. 🙂

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