MAJOR Changes: Crypto Investing Strategy! What!? My Journey Detailed…

The Evolution of the Chico Crypto Investing Strategy! How has my cryptocurrency investing strategy changes since I bought my 1st Bitcoin in 2013. Today I detail …


  1. ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction

    00:31 My Early Crypto Days-Local Bitcoins & My First Large Purchase!

    01:01 Learning About Altcoins (2014 Altseason)-Bitcoin Forks or Own Blockchain

    02:01 Mintcoin & Spartancoin Example

    02:32 Altseason Over & Bitcoin Bear Market (2014-2016)

    03:04 The Crypto Bull Run of 2017-It's On Again!

    03:48 The Real Altseason Begins-The Erc20 Token Contract

    04:48 The Mistakes I Made?

    05:18 Releasing Emotional Holds On My Investments

    05:32 What I Have Learned Through My Crypto Journey

    06:09 IEOs Not A Technical Achievement

    06:33 What Will Kick Off The Next Run? Ethereum DeFi!

    07:29 The Growth of Decentralized Finance

    07:57 Chainlink and Hyperledger Avalon

    09:38 Where Is My New Money Flow Going Besides Chainlink?

    10:55 Outro

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  2. Great summary of the crypto market over time and your (tough) experiences. Just watched this a 2nd time and will probably watch it again : ) Keep up the great work Chico Crypto!

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  5. Love your transparency on… love iExec and low supply… love the fundamentals of Chainlink but take a look at the total supply Tyler… damn. Ox is a big player in the DEFI ecosystem…

  6. Dear chico i would like to invest in cryptocurrencies and I would like to have a private consultation with you. How can I get in contact with you

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  8. Hey Chico, great video as always. Can you dig into OMG and the relation to Ethereum? They have 400+ developers and will finish Plasma soon. Whats your thought?

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