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  2. Moving your stop loss to 7850 would mean you're risking 80% of your capital. Is that very wise in terms of risk management? Given the current market conditions, this is very risky.

  3. Another useful vid man, keep it up!

    …but dude, if you're dropping half a bitcoin on trades, i think you can afford a new t-shirt 😂
    …hell, i'll send you a new one for the low, low price of 0.01 btc 👍😄

  4. Hi Jack.. I am new to leverage trading and any advice, trades and tips for future vids would be awesome as i have experienced some losses recently and would like to minimize and rectify my portfolio. The knowledge and info would do us all wonders I'm sure.. Thanks for the excellent vids man, Came across your channel very recently and definitely great to see your outlook on Btc.. keep up the great work..

  5. Hi Jack, when I stop trade manual using market price or limit price will I get also 10x profit if I trade 10x lever on ByBit or I need to wait till take profit will stop tdade? BTW Thanks for next great video… 😃

  6. Fix your holes bro! ; )
    Thanks for the video Jack! I would like to see more trading videos, I am very new to this space : )
    Can you explain in detail what happens when your stop loss gets hit? Do you lose all your money? Do you lose some money? How much money would you lose?

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