Marc Faber: Interview with Dr. Doom himself! // 2017 bitcoin cnbc latest today bloomberg thailand

Marc Faber: Interview with Dr. Doom himself! // 2017 bitcoin cnbc latest today bloomberg thailand stock market crash this week august july investing gold silver …


  1. The westerners only know blockchain, really shallow. It is only just a very large ledger to keep track of virtual tokens. That is the reason why it is kept to 30m bitcoins due to the limitation of information exchange thru the internet. Yes it cannot be hack but it can be stolen or lost thru inappropriate safe keeping. It is not a currency only a token with perceived value. Definition of currency, it must be issue by government central bank and must be legal tender, i.e guarantee by issuer. Crypto does not have any of those values. All currencies are fiat, just a claim cheque with no real value and it is not consider money. Gold, Platinum and Silver are real money as a store value and unit of account. All cryptos can be traced once the banking is used for transaction thru exchange bureau, banks i.e credit and debit card system as all will have records of buyer or sellers exchanging back to fiat currencies into their bank accounts. All electronic ledgers can be traced, only cash cannot be traced. Crypto lesson 101.

  2. Can anyone lead me down a path or guide me in the right direction. I know our system is bound to fall apart but I want to see if there is any research I could follow to try and convince my family to invest in solid assets and protect themselves. Im extremely busy lately otherwise I would watch videos a lot more. thanks

  3. Has anyone here checked out the stocks EnviroLeach and Mineworks Incorporated? Both cutting edge in the mining world they are spin off's of Iberian mining inc.. I believe over the next few years know matter what happens to our stock market they will both do amazing!

  4. Diversification is key in unpredictable world. Stocks, physical precious metals, real estate… and items that will have at least some utility in even the most basic environment. Question about precious metals; Do you have a favorite to buy regularly at current prices and hold for long term? I'm thinking probably most undervalued is silver. Found a site with very unique silver coins that come out different ones regularly. Your thoughts? Thanks.

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