1. It’s a strange time to say where the big drop comes from but also the hash rate dropped. People expect a pump before the halving but what if the opposite happens and the big mining companies try to wash out the small from the market?! For the mining will be profitable on different price levels then for the small ones. My personal mindset is to keep my dollars safe as long as the halving is in because i don’t believe this drop is done yet. Guys like you give me strange to keep my mindset and thoughts alive. Thanks

  2. like you said that the gap filled from previous bottom, theres two smaller ones that are lower that havnt been filled too, but it potentially could get filled aswell FYI 17th Dec 2018 and 8th Feb 2019 both on daily candle? we could fill those then also overshoot a bit to be be a lower low

  3. Based on Eliote waves, i think bitcoin is in the bear market. We'll continue moving down to the 2000$ ( next 7 months) before seeing an other move to the high and breaking the 20.000 $ .
    Whats you think james ?

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