Marijuana Legalization in Mexico – What Cannabis Company Will Benefit Most? The Scoop

As Mexico looks to be the largest legal marijuana market in the world, will any companies we follow benefit? Has Mexico locked the door to multi-national …


  1. In the last 45 years Only time Mexico had a hard time producing some of the worlds best marijuana was when the US sprayed paraquat on the crops. And even then it kept coming from Columbia. I don't think ACB will ever recover. Basically the way I see it is the investors money got stolen. I think I'll wait for it to shut down and see who buys the rights to that drying system. Who ever buys those rights sure aint going to put that machine in an empty room. Happy to say I moved my money out of Canopy Hexo and Aurora summer before last. I put it in Planet 13.

    This REGN I bought last week Mickey, it's like a duck in the water with no feet man. Guess I'm going to have to trade it in LOL.

  2. Great info Mickey !
    I think that Khiron Life Sciences will also benefit quite alot from a change in Mexican laws. Having ex president Fox on it’s board of director and being the only company selling medical cannabis in Colombia and Peru will in my opinion gives them steps ahead as far as medical cannabis in Mexico. They are not in the recreational business but by looking at companies like Trulieve we know the medical side also is a big market !

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