MASSIVE CRYPTO UPDATES! Ethereum 2.0 and scaling, Zilliqa Staking,, Enjin

00:40 Market Update 01:10 Ethereum Fees Rising 01:43 Vitalik Buterin on ETH 2.0 04:07 Scaling Wins on ETH 04:36 25% off ENJ 05:33 Zilliqa ZIL …


  1. I made a fortune investing on bitcoin virtual x trading invest by the help of an expert broker Nelidas sofia who trade on my behalf.all I do is to invest and sits back watch my profits increase on my dashboard after some days of trading I opt for withdrawal.

  2. everyone's sleeping on Raiden. Strongest code in scaling and most developed product with strongest scalabillity. Dont get why people arent interested lol

  3. I had enough ETH to stake, but I sold it for Cardano after Buterin lied about that July rollout. I went with the better tech. I'm open to buying ETH again later, if they can actually get 2.0 going.

  4. EWT working with vittual power plants is very similiar to the project you mentioned the other day !! Loose ties to Tesla do some research Chico will say you copied him when he does a story on a crypto noone else can so beware of the ego lol but thanks for all your work

  5. Zilliqa is a monster. They have the fundamentals and a great team. Up 256% in just the last 30days , climbed out of 100-150 market cap range. In the last 2 days, it went from 36 and now is 34 by market cap.

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