MASSIVE DROP for Bitcoin?! Is This Time DIFFERENT?

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be …


  1. I truly which to appreciate Jason Harper for making me a better trader,starting with the bare minimum in almost a month I have earned over 2 btc I truly appreciate him because I never thought I will ever have that kind of money honestly I am grateful to him for making me a perfect trader

  2. Lol. The whales have figured this all out. What people don't get is that retail doesn't really move the market, just like it doesn't in the stock market where institutions mostly move the market. Almost everybody was bearish on a corrective move, so they can easily pump the price. And 'they' are basically the exchanges who are probably involved themselves. People go through their stop or get liquidated on leveraged trades. Everybody loading long and they crash the market. Rinse and repeat.

  3. Bitcoin will always do unexpected and seemingly that all the retail buyers werent idiots after all for now.I think it can however come drop to low 9000s after it hit the FOMO action all the way to 12k or higher. Cheers

  4. The bitcoin market is highly volatile and the underlying investment should be considered a high risk investment. However, investors can avoid these risk with a bit agility and common sense. The first approach is seeking help from professional that has been there before you..

  5. i' m suprised you don'T use the trend line from all past peaks, it pretty much defines the resistances since last months pretty much exactly, you'll have less fakeout as you did right there. Also, i don't share our view about the fondamentals of BTC, to me it is more bullish than bearish for different reasons….and it seems some whale sell when BTC comes at around 9.6k in order to push it down and accumulate more at cheaper price…but this is a theory only

  6. Bitcoin is dynamic and the blockchain technology is complex, one could easily have a financial breakthrough or get doomed. Very soon the price of BTC will moon and become incredibly expensive so to be a part of the revolution, its best to start growing a portfolio now and I have been doing this consistently by trading with cheif Arsh.Now's the best time to grow and build a better portfolio..

  7. I think you don't realize how much interest Bitcoin have from the institutional investors at the moment, take a look at Greyscale which is currently buying more Bitcoin than is mined.

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