Mega $ Acquisitions Surrounding Crypto/DLT – Legacy Cannibalization – IMF & Crypto – 1M VET GONE

Be careful what you put your money into & DYOR Patreon: Unstoppable Domains …


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  2. Sorry to hear of DM Logic's loss. I personally no nothing about nodes and have even less interest in purchasing one with the use of my assets. I protect my assets in all transactions and never with anything that places the asset at risk of loss. I do not know what the reward for having a node is but it would have to be astronomical to even entertain the thought of risking 1,000,000 VET let alone doing so.

  3. I still haven't claimed my BSV from the BCH I had on my ledger when it forked. I'm afraid to lose my BCH… I did setup for the flare network spark token drop, but researched the crap outta that before doing it. Wild Wild West for sure… you can never be too careful.

  4. I lost 2 BTC back in 2017 doing cloud mining and money lending… this space is not for the faint of heart. Took my licks and moved on… been stacking this whole bear market, mainly into XRP. At this point I'm just holding everything on my hardware wallet. Between now and EOY 2022 I should be set. I feel bad for DM, that feeling in the pit of your stomach losing that much money isn't fun.

  5. Everytime King comes on its so real…Lol You have been warning us for a long time and you keep doing so thank you king.
    For the folks that love to check prices trust me The world will let you know when this space has hit new all time high prices. It will be the only thing people talk about when its already to late. So stay bird watching because when all the birds take flight at one time then you know down bellow people are panicing when we have taken off into the blue sky. like the birds lol

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