Michael O'Leary: 'Branson can bail himself out' during coronavirus crisis

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has told Sky his billionaire rival Sir Richard Branson should not be given a government bailout to save Virgin Atlantic. Mr O’Leary …


  1. None of his Irish arse’s business, about Lufthansa. The whole of Europe looks to germany for a bailout which they are now getting, the latest being the Italians and Spainish, previously Greece, who cheated the8r way into the euro and should be in prison anyway. So they, the German tax payer, is quite entitled to bail out their flagship if they choose. What I don’t agree with is their constant going on strike. If it happens henceforth, they should just fire the pilots. Period. I guess though that that won’t happen since the governments around the world have increasing stakes in their airlines.

  2. Not a fan. When I see him I can only think of the refund I still haven't received. 2 months and nothing. Instead of TV appearances, give us OUR money back

  3. I think there is a big misunderstanding and fake statements too.
    Virgin Group and Virgin Atlantic pay all their taxes in the UK. Both Ltd companies are registered and audited in the UK.

    Branson himself on his personal earnings would not as he is not based in the UK – this is not illegal.

    But Branson has not asked for a bail out from the Government. He has asked for the same deal as EasyJet (a commercial loan which is full repayable with interest over a period).
    What is wrong with that if it helps secure the business with a new lifeline and secure many thousands of jobs?

  4. Hmm..Money going out/processing refunds costs Ryanair a lot of time and money. I suggest they simplify their process now that there is more maney going out than there is coming in.
    Btw: No tax payer money to Ryanair, Easyjet or Virgin. If there is a viable business case after covid-19, someone will jump in and starts a new low cost airliner. And I am sure Michael O'Leary will still be extremely wealthy if Ryanair goes bankrupt.

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