1. the owner of the block could have made a fortune imagine if he had said
    "its Craig here I am Satoshi I have access to the tulip trust I will sell these bitcoins to pay Kleiman"
    then the miner sells the coins
    the price of bitcoin would have dropped like a stone
    Craig would be expected to pay kleinman
    the bitcoin holder could have then re bought twice as many coins when the price went low as everyone dumped
    We would have to see Craig go to court and explain that a address he told the court that he owns and part of the tulip trust just sold half a million in coins and yet he hasn't the money
    could you imagine how would he explain it
    the only down side is many other people would loose money as well

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  3. People asking for regulation, because that constitutes recognition by evil people in power, I do not understand. A ban is also a type of recognition. It's the most extensive form of regulation. Is that also a positive?

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