1. Hello, thanks for your video. Could you tell me, with your xls file bitcoin.xls, how to convert this a83f516bbc1a59398797b69994f9cddd0fb6a063baa8e275a3bfb32e9db97940
    with sha256. I passed to convert abc but not this one. Thanks you in advance.

  2. Hey this is really interesting! I'm currently figuring out how SHA-256 works in Bitcoin and I've noticed that in order for me to get the correct hash at a higher Block (in my case: 540221) I need to insert the version number as such: 00000020. Otherwise the output of the hash is not the correct one. Do you know why this is the case? Was this changed at some point or am I missing something…

  3. hello i watch your Mining Bitcoin with Excel,thanks you , i can make it as you did, but i can not do it in lastest block , i don not kown thats happend, that's problem me

  4. this was great, but can you make more of these with other algos? scrypt? cyptonight? i am trying to rap my head around cryptonight right now and am having truble understanding how the scrachpad gets filled from the AES algo

  5. when i test the excel file with last block information, it didnt work
    it works only for old block ? why? is there something we have to change on the message to make it works?
    many thanks for your help

  6. I once programmed a software few years back to mine, it was not completely automated, but to test the theory, but as I remember I didn't do this much of jumbling and steps to perform a single round. I don't remember now.

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