1. Ok. Its bit late but its scam.
    You know mining city is working with company called IDAM(Korean company) and CEO of IDAM is Korean man who was high ranker at bitclub network. And at this moment, bitclub network’s founders got arrested(ponzi scheme).
    IDAM and miningcity is MLM company. In Korea, every legal MLM company must be registered. If its not, its paper company or assumed as illegal business. We can check every single legal MLM company at government website, but neither IDAM or miningcity is listed.
    I was a member of Miningcity and i know how they works. Introducing people and you get incentive with bitcoin. My bestfriend is deeply into this bullshit and i went in to take him out of this with evidences i gathered by joining this company. but its failed.

  2. Objection

    Why are the owners hidden?
    Owners are not hidden.


    MiningCity and Greg is mentioned on several social medias. Not hidden. Not true.


    Why are they not their own pool by themselves?


    You cannot have a daily payments with a small pool. MiningCity made an agreement with BTC.com


    MiningCity is not a pool. Its a transparent cloud mining. They commit to TH/s and daily power and hosting costs before you pay.

    Please welcome the people that accuse miningCity and MineBest with scam to contact them directly and get all answers before missleading other people.

    The are registration license (Cyprus )
    Any one who’s interested to join I can provide him document

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