1. I don't hear the splat yet. Where is law enforcement? She claiming answering for her crimes is racial persecution does not fly. Where is law enforcement? Too busy making criminals out of the righteous,

  2. they must be loaded – i mean $300 per ballot is a lot of freaking money . I'd consider selling mine if it wasn't for the1984-style dystopian nightmare these insane woke democrats would impose on everybody's life…

  3. There must be some sort of anti-terrorism or loophole that allows them to just arrest her and throw her in Guantanamo. At a certain point they just need to grab her and make her disappear. The amount of suffering she has caused already, not to mention the rest of the current democrat party, is more than enough. When Trump wins, he should just round them up and throw away the key. Try impeaching him from jail.

  4. You make a great point on the fact that some immigrants bring their corruption along. I immigrated to Canada when I was a kid. The difference is that I became fully Canadian; I assimilated into the culture. I lived in the US as well and I deeply love and appreciate the American culture. But when I see people from other countries who come to North America not to live the American Dream, but to subvert it, to take advantage, and to abuse, I see them for what they are. I have no compassion for them – they should be deported, plain and simple.

  5. The Democratic establishment FBI and CIA have been trying unrelentingly since he won the election to get some 'dirt' on Trump and couldn't get anything, he must be the cleanest President ever.

  6. Omar's father taught communism to teachers in Somalia. He is wanted as a war criminal, and this makes him totally ineligible for immigration. This includes his family.

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