Multi-Billionaire! – Plutocracy – Management Business Strategy Game – Episode #5

Plutocracy is a 2D strategy that will immerse you into the era of the Gilded Age of the rise of big business and the first billionaires. Your path gets started by …


  1. Ok I tried being reasonable the last comment I left, dude, you’re too fucking greedy, that makes you suck at this game, we don’t wanna see you go big or go home or any of that bullshit, it just makes you look like the delusional grandpa who’s basically in debt slavery who fights everyone in the market over 2 cents on a potato and believes he’s a master trader bc he “drives a hard bargain”

    You don’t drive a hard bargain, you suck

  2. You don't seem to know much about the logics or the mechanics of the game, you hardly have a plan and mostly just act on impulses and you are waaay to greedy when it comes to deals. And why do you keep taking millions in loans for companies that have a steady quarterly income, you're just cutting in to the profit with pointless loan repayments.

  3. This is getting painful to watch. Do you know the difference between company structures and instructions? Of course it is subsidised by your own wealth since you are responsible for the company… I am sorry if this does not make sense to you, but I honestly can't spare that much time explaining it. Basically, if you own 100% of publically traded company you can incure 100% of the responsibility for it's profitability and legals… Just to start with. This game simplifies it a lot, but still… If you as a 100% owner make your company a hazard to the country, you are solely responsible for the costs, since you are the company and the company is you (varies in countries)

    Edit: Thank God you don't have to deal with embargoes and other intricacies of World economy… Plus exchange rates… Honestly, this game simplifies it to the extreme

    Edit 2: BTW, in Real World you want to include politicians in your traded company as much as possible… In that way you have so much influence over them. Just the threat of dumping the stock, essentially making the company worthless has a lot of swing… But… Eh… I guess for better or worse, videogames are really alienated from reality

    Edit 3: You surpassed Jeff a long time ago, you did not count for the inflation… Which is significantly high from your period to this date…

  4. Awesome series Chairman of the Board Potato.

    Challenge #1 – get 51% shares in a company in each industry (transportation, mining, oil, retail, forestry, food, all that there are.)

    Challenge #2 – get 99%+ of the shares from challenge #1.

    Challenge #3 – grow each company from #1 to being top market in each industry.

  5. Very few informations on this game. I see no rules book anywhere, even at the editor's. A week I try to understand things to do. Few youtubers and twitchers. Fortunately, Orbital potato is here. But, for this moment, games options seem very poor. Buy ans sell shares, buy luxuries and sell to NPC to gain loyalty and influence. Political actions are at the minimum, company management too. I know this is in progress, but I begin to get sick to do flip coin actions…

  6. I believe that the IA believes that can use a mechanic that is not implemented, it believes that it can merge the companies in only one company. the bottom appears deactivated in the management screen

  7. Hey. During the negotiating stages, the left option argument A is greenish background so it's chances of winning is high. Likewise the remaining. Argument B means 50/50. Argument C is very of less chances of winning.
    Crazy game series though. Keep going. 👍👍

  8. -40% cost… not good enough, Potato's greed gene kicks in… MUST pay nothing. So many times yelling at the screen "choose the one that makes the deal more likely you're at 50%!!" only for your insane persistence to pay off. grumble

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