1. You've been saying good buying position since 13,500. Why do I know? Because I'm a subscriber of your trading alerts.

  2. I do not see this going much lower.. too many people are itching to buy at these levels already. Also only going to go so low cause experienced traders are holding key coins and not letting them go much further

  3. I am all about Ethereum. Your wrong on the value not dropping for ETH, though. I have watched the price per Eth drop close to 50% when it was priced at $1400 less than a month ago. The overall market cap for Crypto is dropping incredibly as well. 2018 has yet to be what all of us were optimistic of. As further regulation continues to unfold more changes are to come.

  4. Love your videos but u should definitely do shorter more efficient or concise videos.

    Preferably keep under 10-15 min. Especially because people’s attention spans is low and there’s too many youtubers. Most viewers will drop off

  5. Naeem, please remind novices of the tax implications. You make it seem too much fun and challenging, which it IS, but most people won't go read up on how it'll affect their tax return.

  6. Anyone day-trading or short-term trading, is gonna get BENT by the tax man. If you love to pay the boss-man 40% of your earnings, be my guest. It looks and actually IS fun and all, but at the end of the day, if you're not a pro-trader that does this for a living, don't do it. Just buy and HODL.

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