My Bitcoin Exit Strategy

In today’s video I am going to share with you my bitcoin exit strategy, that is exactly what I will do when bitcoin hit’s its next all-time-high. I will show you how I will …


  1. Speaking of the OSHO center, did you watch Wild Wild Country? If so, what did you think? If not, I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing and watch it right now! Super crazy documentary.

  2. I’m not invested in bitcoin, I like new tech algorithms. Like Tellor, Cosmos, Link, Kava, Ethereum and POS! I’m a little skeptical about COSMOS the fact there’s only 125 validators is a bit centralized, but I like the blockchain Interoperability!

  3. Glad I found your channel. The general price swings of bitcoin is also dependent on the approach of the traders and investors and hence the coin will fluctuate according to their stance in the market. Now with the quadrennial halving set to take place this spring, The event will see the number of new BTC hit the market with each block cut to 6.25…do your research guys. This is the best time to accumulate more bitcoins just before the bull run sets off, and one of the most effective ways to multiply your bitcoins before then is by trading daily with a reliable trading signal from a professional. For me, I trade daily with the use of Morris Pierce's trading pattern. He's one of the finest crypto experts in New York and I find his strategy very effective.. whereby increasing my portfolio from 1.2 BTC to 6.5 BTC in just two weeks of consistent trading. My advice for all smart investors out here, is to take advantage of this information by reaching out to him on Telagrm (@MorrisPierce) for intensive guidance in trading profitably.

  4. Great video CL very important/educational information you shared thank you. I’ll be putting this video in my saved collection if that’s even possible to do. The MACD I love you, will she ever stop giving, I hope not! I won’t be able to retire this cycle but I will most likely need to liquidate my holdings bar 1 bitcoin to pay off debt eg homeloan. Then I will wait for the next bottom to stock up on more BTC.

  5. Ablut your OSHO Retreat, avoid puna at all cost brother. It has lost the vibe and authenticity and its now became some kind of a fancy resort for rich people pretending to be spiritual.
    Try the one near kathmandu called tapoban .. amazing place and real osho energy work 😀
    Otherwise there are a few very good osho communes in india, in daramsala or near rishikesh.
    I promised to myself to go spend at least 15 days a year there 😊
    Now am teaching ddynmic and kundalini meditation + some other stuffs in casablanca morocco 🇲🇦
    Hit me up if one day you come around 🙏🏻

  6. Same same.
    Retire Thailand…Udon.
    Buy a house in on Koh Samui ..Bophut to Scuba and hoilday and rent it out at other times.
    Still trying to teach my 17 year old Thai daughter to swim…4 lessons.
    She cam swim.
    But cant float she sinks like rock…55555

  7. Osho said, his movement and teachings should stop after is death and rightly so, he said don't waste your time with charlatans find an "alive master," And all of his followers playing teacher are the charlatans ! You will gain nothing worthwhile from these stupid people. But I guess you're just in it for the lust as you have a problem there. I must apologise for exposing your lust issue on the web but I'm pretty sure the charlatans would say the truth will set you free ! Let me know if it works.

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