1. Hey guys, I packed a lot into this video and suggest watching the whole thing, but here's a timeline if you want to jump to a certain part of the video:

    00:36 – Important disclaimers

    1:05 – Thoughts and predictions for security tokens

    2:12 – Why I think the "accredited investor" rule is lazy regulation

    3:21 – The current state of the cryptocurrency markets

    6:02 – My first security token investment

    8:20 – Why I love exchanges as potential investments

    10:00 – Why I didn't invest in this real estate STO

    11:13 – My exercise in discipline when picking STO investments

    12:00 – How to invest in intellectual property rights

    12:40 – CoinLists's current STO

    12:50 – OpenFinance as a good option for international investors

    13:12 – StartEngine & Republic crowdfunding platforms

    13:40 – Why should you want to invest in security tokens?

    16:56 – The 1 TRILLION dollar pie up for grabs right now

    18:30 – Exploring the current security token ecosystem

  2. From your research have you seen any changes in Rule 501 Reg D 1993? Are you seeing more security tokens being offered to non-accredited investors? I think we need to overcome this obstacle before we see massive success in these companies like tZero. If you comment, thank you in advance.

  3. Our STO the crypto unit from Swig the NEEW the new economic evolution of the world 🌏 is coming. October we go to the crypto platformen in America, Europe and UK. The STO tokens are back up with real assets from 60 elite companies, this is crowd investing power. Every month dividents. …go look for this, it is mind blowing… 🤗

  4. Guys there could be a way for non credited investors to invest in tzero right now. I found that RVN and FLO coins make up part of the back end system for tzero. What do you think ?

  5. Clicked Like during video intro because this guy never puts a duff video out..as soon as I see his vids I watch straight away! Thanks so much for sharing the findings of your hard work/research with us all Chris.

  6. Take a look at Mercury Cash! They're really doing something very interesting. They're focusing on Latin American markets. They have a huge potential. If you want I can send you their investor information like their income, users, etc

  7. Nash Exchange is Europes first digital security. It's a blockchain agnostic, Decentralised exchange with a funds management platform, fiat ramps and distributes up to 75% of exchange revenue to $nex token holders.

    As well as being a security token they're looking at trading securities in future.

    Have a look into it Chris. Its flown under the radar of these people making security token ecosystem infographics.

  8. great vid. chris. can you look at waves platform security token offerings too. ceo is also stating waves is ready and designing web 3.0 and can scale waves accordingly..

  9. Reminder! Litecoin mining reward halving coming Summer 2019 – LTC 2015 halving saw price up 5X in the run up! Some Money then moved to Bitcoin which went up 40 per cent!

    Bitcoin halving follows 2020!

  10. Great video as always, Chris.
    Are there any websites or books you could refer me to on this subject. Really any source of education that you are impressed by. Thanks in advance!

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