1. Troy, check out Corey over at Live Each Day. He is wanting to leave YouTube and start his own platform. He might be intrested in DIY TUBE. He posted a video about leaving after 14 years and is actually the first professional Youtuber.

  2. Hi Troy, Got a Nvidia 2080. Tried to mine but the estimated earnings in $ where $18 in one month. There is no way it can be profitable to mine for crypto currency, or am I doing something wrong. The gpu runs at 100%. Best regards Andreas on Off Grid Sweden 🇸🇪

  3. Troy all you have to do is unplug the laptop from the powerpoint and just use the inbuilt battery in the laptop. This way you save on electricity costs. L.B.

  4. I am fascinated by the ventures you tackle love your channel. I have a ? How many of these coins are out there to choose from? I have no knowledge an will not mine just fascinated by what your doing. Hats off to you

  5. I am on a laptop. My question is can this be done on my laptop while I am surfing or watching something on Youtube? And where would I find where it tells me where I can find the graphics card on my computer? Yes, I am computer illiterate except when it comes to get on and off and how to delete cookies, etc. I have a HP Laptop Windows 10 with up to 1TB storage. Hope that helps.

  6. Troy,
    I believe you mentioned in a prior video that you had been mining a coin valued at $0.0002, and that you had accumulated 370,000 of them. Over a month, assuming you used solar energy, that would amount to $74. Now, for that coin to rise to the value of one cent ($0.01), it would have to increase in value fifty times 50x! That means it would literally be the equivalent of Amazon in its first year on the stock market. For every Amazon, there are 1,000 stocks that don't make it, and probably 950 go out of business within 5 years. Those are pretty long odds. It may be low or no risk, but essentially you're throwing the dice, and hoping to beat against long odds, i.e., "gambling." By-the-way, I read where 80,000 individual miners in China awhile back curtailed operations, because it wasn't paying out enough to be worth the effort.

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