My Trading Strategy & Set Up | Full Guide

My Trading Strategy & Set Up | Full Guide is a great way to learn how to use my trading strategy and combine a few tips along the way! We will have more vidoes …


  1. I'll be honest. I am glad I spent $197 on Tim Sykes course of crap because without that I wouldn't have met the people in the Boiler Room and have been introduced to you. And as others have stated you are a hell of a teacher. I can't use mentor yet since I am very new but I am sure that enough people think that about you already. Presented in a very clear simple and easy to follow means you know your shit

  2. i just watched your video talking about TOS being really slow , do you think that they just got faster , im asking you since i still see you using TOS , please advise.

  3. Pro tip:
    With standard deviations, from a statistical standpoint the selected data is as follows:
    68% of samples are within 1 sd
    95% of samples are within 2 sd
    99.7% of samples are within 3 sd

    The odds of price ever reaching beyond 3 sd is very slim. And if it does, you should know that it is definitely at an extreme and the buying/selling opportunity could almost be too good to pass up

  4. Thank you so much for this video! was charting NVDA and my screen with no pre-market data is almost touching the very top line. so after the stock leaves the middle line which is the "norm" is that considered a breakout?

  5. Hey Conor, I'm trying to set this on another platform, but I have to specify a start date-time for the calculation of the regression line. With you platform you just specify full range but we don't know when the calculation starts ?

  6. Dude you rock, this is great. How do you put that little tool bar up in the upper left corner? I'm trying to figure it out and just can't seem to find it.

  7. I think it works fine in hindsight, but how to use it looking forward? How far in the future would you consider the current lines useful? Because the lines will change. And what appears oversold/overbought now, may appear as merely in the middle of the channel after a few hours.

    I don't have a TOS account to test it, but – according to StandardDevChannel docs – you are showing linear regression based on price close for the candles visible in chart (full range=yes). So if new candles appear or if you scroll the chart in time, the lines should change.

    How much would they change? Here is how I think they would:
    On Friday May 8th you would see the red lines at market open, and the black lines at market close.
    (Settings: 5d chart, no pre/after-market data, 2 stdev.)

    TOS StandardDevChannel docs:

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