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  1. Most anyone can see that the “Powers-at-be” will protect their game.

    I like the idea of a currency that cannot be easily inflated (governmental theft) or manipulated by the powers at be. I like the idea that any one person can exchange the value of their labors/efforts/creativity for someone else's without interference, or a middle man with his hand out, however I'm not sure I like the idea of a Global currency (have to give it more thought).

    If the goal is to move away from FIAT currencies, then try and imagine a world without government-based FIAT currencies with BTC as the Gold-Standard of the crypto currencies. What one is talking about then is a Global Currency. Do you think Any Government would be in favor of that? I think many people in government do not understand crypto-currencies and may not see it as a threat…. Money talks so with the recent precipitous growth of these markets it is now on politician's radar scope.

    All the reasons many like BTC are also the same reasons Governments see it as a threat. My guess is that Nation States, bankers and the power brokers (read Bankers and Brokerage Houses) will see BTC and other Crypto currencies as a threat to National Sovereignty, themselves and more importantly their control. The question I have is; will BTC become so Ubiquitous that Governments will have a problem controlling it?

    I think Governments will create their own form of National Crypto Currencies that they can inflate, and monitor every transaction made on a blockchain. The IRS will just send you a tax bill, you won't have to fill out a 1040.

    BTW I'm very much invested in Crypto's….just wondering if and when the music stops?

  2. BK you are the boss of charts do doubt, but maaaan, video quality at 480p, really? 😱
    Please do something about that in the future, 1080p minimum. Today you can get even 4K cameras for a bargain.💪

  3. Yeah I loaded up on Neo back at $10 – $16 so still in good shape, but had been watching it when it was in the $75 – $7 range, REALLY wish I would have backed up the truck there.

    Thanks for highlighting the #5 sleeper. LOL that was the one of your picks I was like, no thanks, I will pass, BUT now that I look at the chart, yeah it looks like it's ready to Strike like a Cobra. Hearing more about it on other channels as well.

    So gonna go ahead and jump on that train too!

  4. Im down on neo I bought in big at $36 but im strong holding. Revv Nissan even seems to think this whole china debocle is planned so that certain people can grab more neo when its cheap. I mean, the moment china says ICOs arent illegal everyone and i mean everyone will be hopping on the neo train.

  5. I OD'ed on Ant err NEO last night. At one point it hit 19. I bought 1k worth.

    After China completes its BS investigation and a bunch of ICO's go belly up, only a couple of the heavy hitters will be left standing. Namely IOTa and NEO

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