New EU Crypto Regulation Proposal Explained

EU has released 168 pages of crypto regulations. This proposal is the first draft, could be passed as is or there could be changes to it. In the video I explain the …


  1. CryptoWhale says it's bearish. Raoul Pal says it's bullish. What do you think?

    That proposal was 168 pages so consider dropping a like. 🙂

    Also I said it wrong in the video when I said crypto asset providers cannot pay interest in stable coins.

    I should have said they cannot pay intereat on stable coins. Big difference. Sorry for the mistake.

    CryptoWhale tweet:
    Raoul Pal tweet:

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  3. Why would we expect the politicians and bankers to let go of their grip? Of course they were gonna look after their own ass. Let’s keep the banksters and rats that charge you comissions and interest for doing nothing. And that in the end they fuck up the economy with their greed and irresponsible policies. If you ask me, this makes me want to turn more and more into btc and defi. Pretty much it. They will try to control anything that works as a bank and does their job better than them.

    Btw, thanks as always Denome, always appreciate your input.

  4. Celsius pays interest on other coins too, so I don't think this news will affect them at all, their biggest coin on their platform is BTC, so it will not affect loans or payments, the majority of their base are not stable coin holders!

  5. I think it's bullish since the average retail investor will not want to deal with private keys and DEXs so this opens the door for more exchange and broker options, and more people will use them as they are becoming safer and more clear compliance!

  6. Control control control.

    Crypto exchanges are many times better than banks now because banks don’t pay any interest. in places like and Celsius are paying at least 12% per year on stable coins which is unheard of in real world banks.

  7. I think this is positive news. Regulation is important and will also make the space more legitimate.

    I use both Nexo and Celsius, so i hope they find a way to sustain their businessmodel

  8. Thanks for reading. Crypto is borderless so how can the eu set regulations when they can not keep their own house in order. Alot of crypto companies aint in the eu so how do u regulate that ? When will they realise it aint just about a group of countries setting rules usual 🤣🤣🤣

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