NEW Trading Strategy! Z-Distance from VWAP Indicator & Scan for ThinkOrSwim

More here: The Z-Distance from VWAP is an indicator I’ve become very interested in with my own …


  1. Wow, this looks really awesome! I played NFLX using the RSI with different settings and it was similar to this. And it worked really well. I may buy it. Who has used this and does it work well?

  2. Hi. I had a query. Does this indicator work on Indian stocks. I use a trading platform called fyers. It's a discount brokerage firm. How do I install this indicator on their platform? I'm interested in buying. do lemme knw. can't get thru your mail link. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for providing information on VWAP. My doubts are: 1) What must be Timeframe? 2) How to calculate target and stop loss? 3) Which other indicators, I can use with VWAP to get double confirmation of my trade?

  4. Here are things that confuse me about vwap. 1. When does the price break throughv wap line or bounces back from vwap? 2. When does the price divergence of vwap end?

  5. Bought this yesterday. Did a TON of back testing last night on /es, /nq and a little on /ym. This morning, 2 hours into market open I've won 8 straight trades using this along with the fisher transformer and keltner channels. Make that 9 straight now. This thing is silly accurate – even during Comey's testimony. If not on my demo account, I would have paid for this 2x over now. Mainly trading short time periods on 5 and 15 minute charts.

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